Sunday, 30 March 2014

Why do we stop doing it?

I went to a Catholic primary school, not because we were Catholics, but because it was close to where we lived. It was a great primary school.

When the Catholic pupils did their Catechism, the non Catholics did either reading, sums or drawing. I remember doing a LOT of drawing alongside Billy Milton who I thought was superb at art.

Anyway, I tried to keep sketching when I went the secondary school but with all the other distraction that teenage life brings, as well as trying to get some qualifications, I didn't draw as much.

However, I recently found some sketches from when I was about 14-16. I knew I had a couple of my mother and since this is Mother's Day I thought I'd share them with the world.

This was her looking at her washing to see if they were dry (yes, I even remember that):

It looks like her a wee bit but it's not a great likeness. This one is more like her back then:

This is actually just a tiny wee drawing and I've scanned of just her. The whole drawing had my cousin David in it, who is now a successful businessman:

One more, this time of two men working on a boat in Buckie harbour:

Some of you may remember I did a drawing every day for a month and put them on Facebook. As I come to the end of doing a blog post every day in March, I was thinking about what I would like to do every day in April and I think I've decided in doing a drawing a day again in April. 

I really don't understand why many of us stop drawing when we become 'adults'. I want to get back into the habit of just doing a wee sketch more often. I haven't decided if I'll share them daily or leave it until the end of the month/week. 

I like the idea Austin Kleon has of having one half of his desk digital and the other half for drawing/making/crafting stuff. Another job for the holidays!

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