Saturday, 8 March 2014

His love of Magritte was too much for her.

I went to Inverness today with Lucy Telford to meet up with other photographers, all members of the Scottish Photographers Group.

I always look forward to these meet-ups. I come away motivated and excited by the range and quality of the work on show.

Yvonne went to a felting class today. She learned a new skill, met new people and created something.

When we came home, we went out for a meal with friends. Great food, great banter and a wee musical session at the end.

It's late now.

I'm squeezing in a blog post before the day is done to say -

Make stuff
Share stuff
Study stuff
Talk about stuff
Listen to stuff
Watch stuff
Try new stuff
Learn new stuff

Surround yourself with people and stuff that inspire you.

Oh, and every now and then, attach a chair to the top of a living room wall and see how long it takes for nosey people to notice it.

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